For all aluminum stranded conductors, eg., ACSR, AAC, AAAC, ACAS, ACSS & fiber composite core.


With ClampStar®, failing splices are repaired with NO power interruption and splice replacement is no longer necessary. ClampStar® installs in a few minutes, with a hot-stick or gloves. No mechanical grips, come-alongs, jumper cables or cutters are needed. And, ClampStar® meets ANSI C119.4 Class AA, extra heavy duty and restores both electrical and mechanical integrity on weathered conductors.

There’s no need to cut power or lines and it easily installs over the existing splice. ClampStar® also increases ampacity allowing for system up-rates and is significantly safer than traditional splice replacements….readmore

Transmission & Distribution Applications

  • Inline Splices
  • Dead Ends
  • Suspension Clamps
  • Gunshot Damaged Conductor
  • OPGW
  • Most Overhead Connectors

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