Reducing Wire-Down Incidents

It’s a fact, the frequency of downed power lines has been increasing, especially within the last few years as much of the equipment in many power grids enters the half century and older point. According to federal data, the U.S. electric grid loses power 285 percent more frequently than in 1984, when the data collection


The Best Method For Repairing Overhead Connectors

This video shows a typical scenario using infrared inspection of an overhead transmission line to identify a hot splice and then the proper correction of that hot splice using a ClampStar engineered mechanical shunt. ClampStar, along with proactive maintenance practices improves safety and prevents unplanned outages. ClampStar is the industry’s only PERMANENT solution for protecting


How To Find And Fix Failing Overhead Splices

ClampStar CSR-1631-048

PPL Utilities shows a shunt splice applied to an overhead line via helicopter, to repair a failing splice. Increasing power flows on some of the oldest lower-voltage circuits, especially during emergencies has put significant pressure on a power grid that was built mainly to serve local markets. ClampStar is necessary to help bring the power


Can ClampStar® installations be budgeted as a Capital Expenditure?

Yes, because ClampStar® significantly reduces whole-span wire replacement cost and is the industry’s only PERMANENT life extension solution for virtually all overhead conductors of any voltage class, and ClampStar corrects, preserves, and maintains the electrical and mechanical integrity of new and weathered conductors, clamps, connectors, and structures to better-than-new condition. Sources: IRS clarifies capital improvement


Classic Connectors USA introduces the new ClampStar® Repair Unit

The new ClampStar® Repair Unit quickly and easily corrects damaged conductor, great for gunshot or other types of damage on conductors sized from 2/0 – 1780 kcmil. After brushing the conductor, ClampStar is placed over the damaged area and is installed with only a nut driver. ClampStar, an engineered mechanical shunt is the industry’s only


ESMO 2016 – The Demo You May Have Missed

If you attended the ESMO show in Columbus, Ohio 2 weeks ago then you may have seen a Haverfield aerial line crew performing some fantastic demonstrations. Click the image below to see a short video of a couple of their demonstrations. And for those of you who stopped by the ClampStar booth, “thank you!” We


Here’s What To Do After Finding Hot Connectors

As the grid continues to age, many utilities are increasing connector inspection frequency with a main goal of preventing outages and wire down incidents. One simple and relatively inexpensive line inspection method utilizes Infrared (IR) technology. The above images were provided by a utility located in Pennsylvania. Image #1 in the IR photo below shows


Many Utilities Ban The Use of Automatic Splices

There are estimated to be 250 million automatic splices installed on overhead power lines in North America. The majority of which were installed over 30 years ago. A variety of reports in the field indicate the service life of automatics is as short as five years up to, and perhaps surpassing 30 years. A recent


Classic Connectors USA Introduces a New Transmission Class ClampStar® That Substantially Decreases Total Installation Time

This new ClampStar model CSR-1631-048 is designed to protect and thermally uprate connectors to meet n-1 contingency conditions as well as continuous service on overhead transmission lines with Aluminum and ACSR type conductors sized from 1272 Bittern to 1780 Chukar and up through 2000 kcmil Cowslip AAC Each unit is prefilled with proprietary CC2 inhibitor


Classic Connectors USA Introduces the Newest ClampStar®, The Latest in Connector Corrector Technology, for Use on Copper Conductor

January 15, 2015 — Classic Connectors USA, CSR-0325L-007-P is designed to protect automatic splices on overhead, copper conductor sized from #6 – #2 AWG. In addition to torque limiting nuts, each unit is supplied with nickel-plated keepers, and is prefilled with proprietary CC² inhibitor to prevent galvanic corrosion. The unit weighs 1.75 lbs. and can


International Lineman’s Rodeo Video Montage

This video pays tribute to the those highly trained and dedicated individuals that keep the lights on. They’re out there in extreme conditions doing what they do best and we appreciate it!

Choosing the Right Fastener – Part ll

By Carl Tamm In the first part of this article, a brief mention was made regarding “conductivity” of fasteners.  This second section will address that issue. Peculiarities of electrical connectors give rise to further thought of fasteners.  It is not exceptionally difficult, using reasonable workmanship and materials, to make an electrical connection of reasonable conductivity


Choosing the Right Fastener

By Waymon P. Goch With proper attention to the fastener assembly, the best choice is almost always fasteners of the same material as the components being joined. The primary reason is it eliminates differential thermal expansion and contraction, and just as important, since we are talking about electrical connectors, is that it will be conductive,


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