CLASSIC CONNECTORS USA, LLC. (CCU) a Mansfield, OH based manufacturing company is licensed by CLASSIC CONNECTORS, INC.

CLASSIC CONNECTORS USA, LLC. (CCU) a Mansfield, OH based manufacturing company is licensed by CLASSIC CONNECTORS, INC. (CCI) an electrical connector manufacturing company based in Clinton, OH. Carl Tamm is the President of Classic Connectors, Inc. (CCI). Specializing in Component Design Engineering, and Applications of Utility Class Connectors, Carl is a 30-year veteran in the electrical industry.

In recent years the North American power grid has seen a dramatic increase in overhead connector failures with catastrophic results. Are you aware that splice failures caused the well-known Candlestick Park blackout and the death of a Pennsylvania woman that resulted in a $105M wrongful death lawsuit? CCI was formed to help prevent these types of issues. We create innovative devices to reinforce aging connectors, restoring their full mechanical integrity and escalating their electrical capacity by at least double of what it was when they were new. Our products, identified by the name ClampStar® are purchased by electrical power utilities for application in “transmission” and “distribution” circuits. A unique parameter we assign to all our products is that they must be easily installed on energized lines. We call that “Lineman Friendly” which means no (or very few) loose components, readily handled by “Hot Sticks” and requiring no special tools, jacks or come-alongs. Our unique and innovative products are commonly used to harden the grid by improving system reliability while enhancing public safety.

ClampStar® is an Engineered Electrical and Mechanical Shunt also known as a Connector Corrector that is intended to correct and reinforce the deteriorated electrical and mechanical performance of hot-running, aged or degraded splices and other connectors, clamps and fittings on overhead transmission and distribution conductors. A popular use of ClampStar® is to increase the performance rating of existing splices and other connectors, clamps and fittings for the purpose of increasing line ampacity that may be presently limited by such devices. ClampStar®, which is typically, installed in less than 10 minutes helps meet FERC’s maximum conductor operating temperature requirements without costly replacement, repair or expensive downtime. Several of our customers have saved several million dollars uprating their lines with ClampStar, and have achieved 30 to 50 year life extensions of their existing infrastructure!

ClampStar® eliminates risk and prevents catastrophic connector failures before they happen, and are installed in just minutes. ClampStar® is the industry’s only PERMANENT solution for protecting overhead splices and connectors.

ClampStars are currently available for: Splices, deadends, suspension clamps, conductor damage and overhead shield wire. For the following conductor sizes: #6 AWG – 2515 kcmil.