ClampStar® OHSW & OPGW

ClampStar® – the best method to permanently CORRECT & PROTECT Overhead Shield Wire (OHSW) Connections.

ClampStar OHSW units are designed for both tangent and deadend applications as well as splices. Full-tension on galvanized, HSS, and Alumoweld. Both insulated and non-insulated versions are available. An option for copper is also offered.

ClampStar OHSW units are a permanent repair fitting composed of an attachment head, which connects to the OHSW and a connecting link that attaches to the tower bracket. This connecting link is available in either an insulated or non-insulated design based on the application.

A custom bracket is available to anchor the assembly to the tower. This unit serves as an OSHW safety catch to prevent the shield wire from falling into the energized conductors or substation.

ClampStar units are readily and quickly installed from any aerial platform (including helicopters). ClampStar shunts provide an excellent solution for PERMANENT mechanical and electrical upgrade to existing OSHW connections. And ClampStar will meet all requirements for OHSW safety anchors without costly replacement, repair or expensive downtime.


Part Number

Conductor Diameter RangeNumber of
Per Side
Average WeightOverall Length
Conductor RangeInchesmmPoundsKgInchescm
OHSW-0656-INS-030 0.349 – 0.6658.9 – 16.9314.56.654.4138.2
OHSW-0656-NIN-011 0.349 – 0.6658.9 – 16.9312.55.732.482.3
OHSWR-0656-018 0.349 – 0.6658.9 – 16.9313.26.046.8118.9
OPGW-0656-INS-030 0.449 – 0.66511.4 – 16.9314.76.754.4138.2
OPGW-0656-NIN-011 0.449 – 0.66511.4 – 16.9315.16.832.482.3
OPGWR-0656-018 0.449 – 0.66511.4 – 16.9312.95.946.8118.9