Classic Connectors USA Introduces Overhead Shield Wire (OHSW) Protection And Correction

When attending the upcoming IEEE show in Dallas, please visit the Classic Connectors booth #4736 to see the new ClampStar® for Overhead Shield Wire. This new ClampStar is designed for both tangent and deadend applications as well as splices.  Full tension on galvanized and HSS, as well as Alumoweld and OPGW!  Both insulated and non-insulated versions are available.  An option for copper is also offered. All the features you’d expect from ClampStar: prefilled with a proprietary inhibitor, torque-shear fasteners, First Class, High Integrity Solutions!

  • Lightweight design installs in less than 10 minutes!
  • Easily installs over existing connectors
  • No mechanical grips, Come-Alongs, jumper cables or cutters needed
  • Installs with a hot stick or barehand

ClampStar OHSW units are a permanent repair fitting composed of an attachment head, which connects to the OHSW and a connecting link that attaches to the tower bracket. This connecting link is available in either an insulated or non-insulated design based on the application. A custom bracket is included to anchor the assembly to the tower. This unit serves as an OSHW safety catch to prevent the shield wire from falling into the energized conductors or substation bus below.

ClampStar units are readily and quickly installed from any aerial platform (including helicopters). ClampStar units may be used for a variety of repair situations, at splices, dead-ends, suspension systems, or wherever conductor or attachment hardware damage has occurred, or may occur.

ClampStar shunts provide an excellent solution for PERMANENT mechanical and electrical upgrade to existing OSHW connections.  ClampStar will meet NERC’s requirements for OHSW safety anchors without costly replacement, repair or expensive downtime.

Each unit is prefilled with proprietary CC3 inhibitor to prevent galvanic corrosion and is designed with an integral fastening assembly that provides a high conductivity path and incorporates flat and Belleville washers to maintain compressive force regardless of thermal contraction and expansion.

As the grid ages, many electric utilities are experiencing a large increase in downed lines due to overhead connectors reaching the end of their service life. Installing ClampStars on them before they fail is the best way to prevent outages and protect the public.

The smartest grid in the world looks pretty stupid when it is lying on the ground!

Other ClampStar distribution and transmission products will be on display. There will also be a hands-on demonstration. Come on by and discuss your specific application with our engineers.

We look forward to seeing you in Dallas!


  1. murray jones |

    Is there a ClampStar product that will bridge out conductor to bridging bolted palms? This would be for hot joints and high load situations.
    Also an OPGW repair similar to the conductor midspan repair assembly, at this stage we are placing a full deadend termination each side of lightning damaged sections and joining them via a steel wire sling. The Clampstar would be much easier to place from a helicopter

    • Waymon Goch |

      Yes, there is, as well as insulated and non-insulated ClampStar units for OPGW and other types of overhead shield wires for dead ends, splices, tangents, and for the repair of damaged and broken phase and shield wire conductors.

      Provide application requirements to obtain drawings, quotation, or other information on the recommended ClampStar units.

    • ccostanzo |

      ClampStar CSS units, designed for “Dead End Applications” are intended for bridging out “bolted palms” significantly increasing the current capacity well beyond the intended usage of even “High Temperature” connectors, such as for ACSS. The recommended Safe-T-Link Tether is used to restore full mechanical performance to potentially compromised deadends.


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