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ClampStar hardware pertains to a variety of items such as: Torque Nuts, Installation Kits, and Mounting Brackets.

All ClampStars are supplied by the factory with pre-installed torque-limiting nuts, or set screws depending on part #, containing an outer section that is designed to snap off when the correct torque level is attained. Additional Torque Nuts are available for purchase and are designed to accommodate different size bolts and different torque ratings.

The Installation Kit contains an eyebolt with a flat washer welded to the eye near the threaded base. When the ClampStar® (CSF, CRU & CSS) units are being installed with hot sticks you need something to grab onto to support the ClampStar flex connector.

The threaded bolt part screws into a tapped hole in the body of the ClampStar and provides a secure means to which a clamp stick or “shotgun stick” can be readily attached. This is removed after installation to be used for the next CSF, CRU or CSS unit installation. This replaces the welded in-place hot stick loop on CSR ClampStar units.

Brackets are used to attach Safe-T-Link tethers to overhead hardware. Several brackets have previously been developed for a variety of overhead hardware configurations and there’s a good chance that one of these brackets will fit your application. Customers are required to provide photos or drawings of their particular hardware so that our factory personnel can determine the best bracket for each application. If a bracket does not presently exist for your specific application, we will design one.