Can ClampStar® installations be budgeted as a Capital Expenditure?

Yes, because ClampStar® significantly reduces whole-span wire replacement cost and is the industry’s only PERMANENT life extension solution for virtually all overhead conductors of any voltage class, and ClampStar corrects, preserves, and maintains the electrical and mechanical integrity of new and weathered conductors, clamps, connectors, and structures to better-than-new condition.

IRS clarifies capital improvement vs. repair expense
Internal Revenue Bulletin: 2012-14

We highly recommend that ALL utilities identify splices, deadends and suspension clamps located on critical lines and cover them with ClampStars. There’s little reason to spend the additional money and time to evaluate the condition of splices in critical locations. In most cases, it’s cheaper, faster and easier to just put ClampStars on them. 20 years is a long life for an automatic splice on a distribution system, and 40 years is an eternity. They will not last forever! If an overhead line falls on a sidewalk, or area frequented by pedestrians, the likelihood of a fatal injury increases exponentially.

Examples of critical line feeds and where they may be located:

Freeway crossingsSchools/playgroundsHospitals
Railroad crossingsStadiumsAirports
River crossingsPumping stationsEmergency Stations
Convention centersShopping mallsChurches