Los Angeles Department of Water & Power corrects failing splices in record time!

On a recent Tuesday morning at 10:00, two linemen from LADWP, Mike Traweek and Sammy Sempelsz lifted off the ground in their new Altec bucket truck to begin the first round of ClampStar® installations. They completed the first 6 installations in 55 minutes, moved the equipment about ½ mile down the street to the next location, waited a few minutes for someone to move a vehicle that was parked in the way, and installed the next 6 in only 25 minutes. Mike said, “I guess we just needed to get used to them a little bit”.

Crew Foreman, Mike Dario said replacing these 12 splices on energized 795 conductor would normally have taken 7-8 hours in these locations, and basically would have been an all-day job doing it the old-fashioned way with jumpers and come-alongs and it certainly would have been more dangerous. Beginning at 10:00 AM and having both jobs, at two separate locations, completed before lunch, including travel time, Dario was very pleased to have these finished quickly allowing his crew to move onto another project.

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