Overhead Powerline Mitigation Update

With wildfire season coming in hot this year due to record low precipitation this past winter, and with hurricane season in full swing, we want to take this opportunity to re-introduce ClampStar® as a simple and effective way to harden the grid.

Reinforcing all overhead connectors with ClampStars will help to eliminate their possibility of failure and therefore PERMANENTLY remove them as a cause of ignition and power loss. Click the image below to watch a quick, 1-minute video.

Classic Connectors’ distribution and transmission class ClampStar® engineered, electrical and mechanical shunts are available for use on splices, deadends, and damaged conductor. For all aluminum stranded conductors, eg., ACSR, AAC, AAAC, ACAR, ACSS & Composite Core. Also available for OHSW, OPGW, Copper and SWER. Available for conductors sized from #6 AWG – 2515 kcmil (up to 1.912 inches diameter).