The most cost-effective, technically superior, uprate technology alternative

In 2000, NERC began advising utilities to consider actual field conditions to confirm transmission line thermal ratings. In turn, many utilities have surveyed transmission lines to identify critical issues and determine whether their lines are capable of meeting required contingencies.

Depending on line length, utilities may have to replace dozens or even hundreds of compression dead-ends and mid-span splices. Field crews not only have to work on tight schedules, but obtaining clearances to de-energize lines may not be an option. If outages can be obtained, circumstances may require a utility to fund spinning reserve from another source to accommodate the outage if the duration of the transferred load exceeds the capacity of the alternate source. To circumvent these challenges and save a substantial amount of money and time in the field, proven technology that first became available in 2008 provides airborne power line contractors the ability to assist utilities by installing shunt technology via helicopter.

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