Los Angeles Department of Water & Power corrects failing splices in record time!

On a recent Tuesday morning at 10:00, two linemen from LADWP, Mike Traweek and Sammy Sempelsz lifted off the ground in their new Altec bucket truck to begin the first round of ClampStar® installations. They completed the first 6 installations in 55 minutes, moved the equipment about ½ mile down the street to the next location, waited a few minutes for someone to move a vehicle that was parked in the way, and installed the next 6 in only 25 minutes. Mike said, “I guess we just needed to get used to them a little bit”.

Crew Foreman, Mike Dario said replacing these 12 splices on energized 795 conductor would normally have taken 7-8 hours in these locations, and basically would have been an all-day job doing it the old-fashioned way with jumpers and come-alongs and it certainly would have been more dangerous. Beginning at 10:00 AM and having both jobs, at two separate locations, completed before lunch, including travel time, Dario was very pleased to have these finished quickly allowing his crew to move onto another project.

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ClampStar makes line up-rates possible!

Major Breakthrough With New Cost Saving Connector Technology Propels Classic Connectors, Inc. And Their Revolutionary Product “ClampStar®” Into Electric Utilities Must-Have Product For 2010

For the past several years, utilities have been under considerable pressure to operate aging power lines and equipment at higher levels, forcing them to transport large amounts of energy over an aged and antiquated system. Many of the components that make up the power grid are approaching their 30−50-year useful lives. Utilities therefore are constantly searching for cost-effective alternatives while maintaining technical and safety requirements as well as reliability. Enter “ClampStar®”! READ MORE....

Dominion VA Power installs ClampStar in Grandy, NC

The unit was installed on a 477 ASCR conductor, 34.5kV L-L, 19.9kV L-N, over an automatic splice.

Including the time for set up, and covering/uncovering the adjacent conductors, the install took 25:19. Once the ClampStar® was loaded in the bucket, the actual install of placing the unit over the splice and tightening the bolts took about 3 minutes.

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Introducing ClampStar from Classic Connectors

There is a serious problem in the electric power utility industry that is getting worse every day. Almost half of the installed infrastructure has reached the end of its original design life. Because the assessment and replacement of these components is expensive and difficult, and because it is very challenging for new installations to keep up with new demand, there are many that fail in-service causing power outages and other consequences. But if mitigation steps are not taken, or repairs are not performed, the potential liability when components fail is huge. A ClampStar® applied to a deteriorating fitting is not only the most economical means of preventing a premature and unexpected failure but also prevents potential injury to the public and avoids the extraordinary costs associated with the liability issues.

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